When renewable energy meets nature preserve

When renewable energy meets nature preserve

Ikaros Solar has started with the construction of a 2.2MWp ground mounted installation in The Netherlands. 1 of the many that are constructed today? … Not really!

The location of this installation is appointed as a flooding area.  In case of excessive rainfall, the water can rise here upto 1.2m!

Additionally there are various trekking routes of the local fauna crossing this terrain.  These zones are a no-go to install any kind of construction.

The requirement to have sheep taking care of the grass mowing was also set.

Ikaros Solar managed to combine all of these requirements into a unique design.

Of course, these demands to not ease the design of the installation. These are therefore also driving a number of specific technological choices, which we can implement thoughtful thanks to our extensive experience and specialised engineering, procurement and project management.

For example, in this installation we have made optimal use to the half-cut cell technology to improve the overall performance of the plant.

This installation was also build with a design voltage of 1.500V; which has automatically its effect to all the other elements and components in the field.

A state-of-the-art design does not only comply with the environmental permit requirements, but now also allows the installation to be maintained in a swift, efficient and correct way, even under flooding conditions.

This is again an example of the engineering capabilities of Ikaros Solar.

Would you like to build your PV-installation also with the extensive know-how of Ikaros Solar, contact us for more information.











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